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How to Build a CBD Giving Box

1 Tincture + 1 Topical + 1 Treat

1. Browse our product categories and items below

2. When ready, click on the "Build my Giving Box Now!" button

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I) Tinctures

Mixed with MCT Coconut Oil for fast absorption in 1oz dropper bottles.  Use as a general anti-inflammatory to fight against pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more.  Choose from 3 different strengths.

1. Low (300mg): Good for people new to CBD and safe for pets.

2. Medium (900mg): Sometimes you need more, sometimes you need less- our medium strength tincture is good for those people whose needs and symptoms may vary.

3. High (1500mg): For those who have more severe conditions and require a stronger dosage.

II) Topicals

Our topicals are great for localized pain in muscles and joints, inflammation, eczema, psoriasis and more.  Your 2 choices include:

1. Recovery Cream with menthol, camphor, clove and ginger that packs a "cooling warmth" to relieve aching muscles and pain.

2. Comfort Lotion with sweet-scented lemongrass and arnica to soothe arthritis, dry skin, and more.

III) Treats

You'll have to choose between our locally made Pure Dark Chocolates (3 in a box) infused with 15mg CBD each or our Beyond Organic Raw Hemp Flower (3g) in a boutique reusable glass jar.  There is no wrong choice here!

The Giving Box

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