What Grows Around You

This past Saturday my friend and aspiring Clinical Herbalist, Brandi, led a plant walk at Millstone Farm. The purpose of this workshop was to teach us that many of the plants growing wild in our grass or along the edge of our woods actually have medicinal and culinary benefits. Some of the plants Brandi identified for us were plantain, which can be used to help with bee stings, mullein, which can help the lungs, and dandelion, which you can harvest the flower, leaves and root for multiple purposes. It was definitely an eye-opening morning and it has taught me to have a completely new appreciation for what is naturally growing around me. Brandi shared with us that in the world of Herbalism, it is believed that since we have such a symbiotic relationship with nature, then whatever is growing around you is what you need. So before you start pulling out those pesky weeds, maybe take a moment to first identify it and see if it has any value to you. You might just be surprised…


Local Backyard Organic Gardening Movement

One thing I am grateful for is that The Giving Hemp allows me the opportunity to make my own schedule, which means I get to get involved in lots of other projects beyond CBD that I’m passionate about. One of those things is helping friends and family with their organic gardening projects. I was excited this year when my father said he was finally tired of keeping up with a yard and wanted to plant a garden instead. We planted lots of tomatoes, and were able to use some seed from heirloom Cherokee Purples and Cherry Sun Golds that I saved from last year. The raised beds were built from old tongue’n’groove deck flooring my father had saved for years and filled with bulk topsoil and compost. Nothing fancy here folks- just some backyard, local, organic gardening at its (not quite) finest.