About Us

Our Origins

Our Origins

The Giving Hemp is the manifested vision of its Founder, Elan Naftali. Elan was born and raised in Fairfield County, CT. He holds degrees from the University of Connecticut in Business (2006) and Social Work (2010). His passion then led him to travel extensively, pursuing opportunities in small scale, regenerative agriculture. While living on the West Coast, Elan launched The Giving Hemp in 2018, the fusion of his experiences in business, social work and agriculture. In 2019 he returned home to Connecticut to nurture his new life pursuit amongst family, friends, and the Fairfield County community.


Our Hemp

Our hemp is grown by our friend and organic farmer, Tucker Pyne. Elan met Tucker in 2015 when he moved to Southern Oregon to learn about small scale, organic farming. For three years Elan lived and worked on Tucker’s farm, learning the ins-and-outs of sustainable agriculture. We are proud to source our hemp from Tucker, who goes above and beyond to ensure the health and vitality of his plants and land by implementing growing practices such as farm-raised compost, cover cropping, and no-till.


Our Products

We are partnered with a licensed, craft hemp manufacturer in Medford, OR. Elan met Paul and Derek, co-founders of McBaingham LLC, in 2018. There was an immediate symbiosis between them as they shared values around organic hemp, small batch production, and treating CBD as a medicine. Their products have been researched and tested for maximum efficacy, and are crafted in micro-batches for extreme quality control.


Our Community

Kahlil Gibran once wrote- “They give that they may live, for to withhold is to perish.” In every potential new partnership we ask ourselves not “What can we get from this person?” but rather “What can we give to this person?” We give our time helping small businesses like Old Mill Market in Redding make deliveries. We volunteer our labor to Millstone Farm in Wilton once a week harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables for their CSA members. We donate percentages of our sales to organizations such as the CT Frontal Temporal Dementia Foundation.

We seek strategic partners with like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations in Fairfield County, CT who act with integrity and believe in supporting a vibrant local economy.