What makes us "Uniquely Authentic?"

We are intimately connected to the Source of our Hemp

Our hemp oil originates from a single boutique micro farm in Southern Oregon, originally known as Blackdog Farmstead.  I spent 3 years living and working on this farm, and thus can attest to the beyond organic growing practices utilized by its owner.  The quality of CBD Hemp oil starts with how the plant is grown, and we can guarentee our hemp plants receive maximum attention and care.

Our products are artisinally crafted in micro batches

Our raw hemp oil is extracted using a Supercritical CO2 method and then sent to our licensed craft CBD manufacturer who produce our products in micro batches (100 units per run) allowing for extreme care and quality control.  All batches are then independently lab tested for purity and potency; anything less would be uncivilized.

We keep CBD simple

CBD doesn't have to be complicated, so why do so many other CBD brands seem to make it so?

We only offer a small selection of simple products to our customers because, quite frankly, that's all you need.  The rest is just frills, and we don't like frills.

In the Woods


"I love dealing with this local company. Fast, professional, and friendly service, and great products at a fair price."

—  Stacy P.