Tinctures, Topicals & Treats

Our Secret Recipe

I) Be Connected to the Source

Our founder spent 3 years living and working on the farm we source our hemp from.  They speak on the phone regularly to catch up on all things hemp, farming, and Life.

II) Quality over Quantity

We are partnered with an artisinal, licensed hemp manufacturer who craft our products in small batches.

All products are then independently lab tested for purity and potency; anything less would be utterly preposterous.

III) Serve Your Community

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Our company is founded on the idea that Giving is part of our true nature.


"They give that they may live for to withhold is to perish."


We live this mantra by volunteering weekly at a local organic farm, helping and supporting other small businesses, raising money for charitable organizations, and using the company pick-up truck whenever one of our friends needs to haul gravel or move furniture.

In the Woods


"I love dealing with this local company. Fast, professional, and friendly service, and great products at a fair price."

—  Stacy P.

Our vision is to connect with a broader group of like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations in Fairfield County, CT who are taking actionable steps towards building and maintaining a vibrant, healthy, and nurturing environment for themselves and those around them.

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